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Summer 2018

For all the garlic growers out there, now is the time when the scapes should be coming on strong, especially for the hardneck varieties such as music. Remember, the scape is the flowering stem which grows out of the garlic plant. This should be snipped off at this point because it is one of the major factors in bulb size.

Once the scape is snipped off, the energy goes to growing the bulb instead of the flowering stalk. Now the scape itself has a mild garlic flavour which you can use in salads, sauces or roasted on the bbq like asparagus.

Also at this point watch out for the leek moth. You will notice damage to some of the leaves and the scape. A telltale sign is a small pin hole in the scape itself. The larvae will burrow into the scape and then reemerge to form a cocoon which will eventually turn back into the moth. This cycle can happen up to three times in a growing season so the larvae should be killed by opening the scape to find the worm and squishing it...tedious work but it must be done. Any other questions you can email me and I would be happy to help if I can!

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